Passionately creative
Caring for craft hobbyists

Craft, painting and drawing, design, decoration

Amateur artists and all those who want to join their ranks can find customized solutions with HONOS. In the fields of craft, design, decoration, painting and drawing, from the entry-level set to individual artist’s accessories, the VEMAG non-book team offers quality creative products. In manuals and DVDs we explain how the different techniques work.

Have fun!

Our goal is to enrich the daily lives of our customers through play, fun and meaningful activity, and promote the creativity of young and old. We achieve this with a wide range of products at an excellent price–performance ratio.

All Ages

Particularly popular with little artists are our extensive DIY kits and our delightful character templates. The majority of our products, however, are successful across all ages. Thus, our amazing jigsaw puzzles are loved by customers both young and old.

International success

Our products are available in more than 25 countries. They are mainly sold as special editions in high-street shops and discount supermarkets. Another strand of our product portfolio is the development, design and production of various own labels for the industry.

Certified quality

We are proud of our high-quality standards, which are often more stringent than the legal requirements. A prerequisite for cooperation with our worldwide facilities is the regular certification of our partners, where social standards, safety, health and environmental protection are paramount.

Passion and diligence

For more than a decade our development team of young (and young-at-heart) creatives have been intent on detecting trends and reinventing old classics. Our scouts develop their own ideas and concepts for our customers. Working closely with our manufacturers and quality managers, we ensure that we can meet our high-quality standards every day. Passion and diligence are at the heart of everything we do.

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