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Internationally successful in the fields of cookery, craft, wellbeing and fitness.

THE specialist in mass-market guidebooks.

Just have a look at your shelf of cookery books, or the books in your hobby room or your sewing and knitting corner. There’s an NGV book to be found in almost every household – you’ll probably find one in yours, too.

Founded in 1983 as Naumann & Göbel Verlag, NGV is now a modern and internationally active publishing company that publishes lavishly illustrated books on a wide range of topics for the whole family.

Superlative success for over 30 years

As one of Europe’s leading providers of high-quality but affordable illustrated guides and reference books, NGV has provided a benchmark in many subject areas. Many of our best-selling titles are to be found especially in the cookery book sector, though not only there. They meet the tastes of a wide audience due to their popular content and up-to-the-minute design. Our extensive mini-cookbook series alone has seen a total of 13 million books printed since 2009. The series includes more than 130 individual titles and, so far, has been translated into 20 languages.

The digital future

From very early on we aimed to be trendsetters and significantly expanded our digital know-how. Thus many of our books are now available as e-books. In addition, fitness videos, audio files of birdsong and sewing patterns are among the useful extras for download via QR codes, making our books even more attractive.

Popular guides and textbooks – throughout Europe

Whether it’s enticing cookbooks, craft or fitness guides, puzzle books or illustrated books on popular topics, the high-quality content and production meet the needs of our readers in 29 languages. So big brands such as Selbst ist der Mann, essen & trinken Für jeden Tag and CHEFKOCH are happy to see their labels on our products.

NGV titles are available everywhere in Europe where footfall is high: in shopping centres, department stores, specialized markets and bookstores, as well as online.

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Sales Manager for Large Retailers / Food retailers
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Publishing Director
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Publishing Manager
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Cover des Buches „Der dicke Kreuzworträtsel-Block – Band 17“
Cover des Buches „Der dicke Kreuzworträtsel-Block – Band 16“
Cover des Buches „Der dicke Kreuzworträtsel-Block – Band 15“
Cover des Buches „Vögel zu Gast im Garten“
Cover des Buches „Stressfrei kochen“