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Colourful, exciting, high-quality

Schwager & Steinlein offer a wide range of colourful children’s books for girls and boys from infancy to primary school age. They include board books for little hands, puzzle and picture books, exciting stories for reading aloud, colouring and sticker books, educational books for nursery, starting-to-read books and non-fiction books.

All are of the highest quality and attractively designed, meeting children’s needs for both knowledge and entertainment – perfect childhood companions, whatever the stage of a child’s development. Supported by major international licence partners and more than 50 strong brands, our books prepare boys and girls for the future.

Printed, digital – and always popular

The characters featured in our children’s books range from Peppa Pig to Hansel and Gretel to Paw Patrol. Our programme combines the tradition of one of the oldest children’s book publishers (founded in 1909 in Franconia) with the multimedia world of the 21st century: many of our titles are also available as e-books.

These can be read today as they used to be read – under the covers, on the back seat of the car, in the children’s bedroom, alone, in pairs, with mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather… wherever and whenever you want.

The books use words and pictures based on the latest educational research and contemporary speech, and are created by a highly professional publishing team working in collaboration with authors and illustrators.


We want to provide children with access to knowledge, stimulation and education, and we are breaking new ground in doing so. In autumn 2017 we launched HappyDadoo.com. This portal offers an array of ideas for games, craft instructions and activity materials for children aged six months to ten years. The content can be downloaded for free.

We are committed to these values

Our books are fun and they arouse curiosity. They are committed to the values of responsibility, community, mutual appreciation and respect. Through our books we are determined to bring children into contact with education and entertainment at as early a stage as possible and thus promote life-long learning, equal opportunities and cultural participation.

All over the world

Our books are available in over 38 countries worldwide, in bookshops as well as discount stores. Through large quantities and weekly promotions, supported by the sales concept of international trading groups, we are able to offer top-quality products at fair prices. 

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From our current programme

Cover des Buches „Die 80er! Wisst ihr noch?“
Cover des Buches „Die 90er! Wisst ihr noch?“
Cover des Buches „Sherlock Holmes' Buch der Logikrätsel“
Cover des Buches „Mach dich fit für den Escape Room“
Cover des Buches „Meine Katze ist ein Arschloch - Deine auch?“
Cover des Buches „Leg doch mal dein Handy weg!“
Cover des Buches „Endlich Ruhestand“
Cover des Buches „Fotokartenbox Wir heiraten!“
Cover des Buches „Fotokartenbox Mein Hund“
Cover des Buches „Fuck you, Liebeskummer!“
Cover des Buches „Baby-Kakebo“
Cover des Buches „Das große Mermaid-Fanbuch“
Cover des Buches „Klein, fein, kreativ genäht - Mit Schnittmusterbogen in Originalgröße“
Cover des Buches „Kreatives Handlettering“
Cover des Buches „Kalligraphie - Schönschrift lernen leicht gemacht“
Cover des Buches „Sizzle Brothers - Das ultimative Plancha-Grillbuch“
Cover des Buches „Low Carb Intervallfasten - So zünden Sie den Abnehm-Turbo!“
Cover des Buches „Kochen mit Gin“
Cover des Buches „Skandinavische Küche“
Cover des Buches „Cooking Hero“
Cover des Buches „Hundeerziehung in 101 Tricks“
Cover des Buches „Neuer Straßenatlas Deutschland/Europa 2019/2020“
Cover des Buches „Der große Sudokublock - Band 1“
Cover des Buches „Der große Sudokublock - Band 2“
Cover des Buches „Der große Sudokublock - Band 3“
Cover des Buches „Der dicke Kreuzworträtsel-Block - Band 29“
Cover des Buches „Das große Kreuzworträtsel-Buch - Band 6“
Cover des Buches „Großdruck-Rätselbuch 30“
Cover des Buches „Das megagroße Rätselbuch - Band 18“
Cover des Buches „Der große Rätselblock 50“
Cover des Buches „Das große Rätselbuch 53“
Cover des Buches „Die Prinzessin und das Zauberherz“
Cover des Buches „Oskar und die Zauberkugel“
Cover des Buches „Die Reise der mutigen Prinzessin“
Cover des Buches „Die Reise der kleinen Eule“
Cover des Buches „Das allerschönste Osterei“
Cover des Buches „Puzzlekettenbuch - Auf dem Bauernhof“
Cover des Buches „Puzzlekettenbuch - Wir Tiere im Wald“
Cover des Buches „Gute Nacht, kleines Schäfchen“
Cover des Buches „Mäuschen putzt die Zähne“
Cover des Buches „Hündchen geht aufs Töpfchen“
Cover des Buches „Hörst du es auch? Unsere Vögel“
Cover des Buches „Hörst du es auch? Tiere im Wald“
Cover des Buches „Mein Mix-Max-Buch - Lustige Berufe“
Cover des Buches „Mein Mix-Max-Buch - Wir ziehen uns an“
Cover des Buches „Mein Mix-Max-Buch - Lustige Fahrzeuge“
Cover des Buches „Mein Mix-Max-Buch - Verrückte Tiere“
Cover des Buches „Kleiner Bär ganz groß“
Cover des Buches „Der kleine Fuchs und der Sommer“
Cover des Buches „Erstes Puzzlebuch Hund“
Cover des Buches „Erstes Puzzlebuch Ente“
Cover des Buches „Puzzlebuch Im Wald“
Cover des Buches „Puzzlebuch Wilde Tiere“
Cover des Buches „Dinosaurier“
Cover des Buches „Unser Körper“
Cover des Buches „Tiere“
Cover des Buches „Das Weltall“
Cover des Buches „Unsere Welt“
Cover des Buches „Du lebst jetzt!“
Cover des Buches „Moleküle“