Knowledgeable, creative – and extremely reliable

With 150 publishing professionals on our staff we make a strong, reliable team.

Specifically targeted print publications, top-quality bonus products and eBook productions – our qualified team of contributors ensures that our projects are always completed punctually and carried out to the highest standard.

Our advisory and cookbook editorial team

With concentrated creative power, the German editorial team of the publishers NGV and Delphin develops more than 1,100 new titles each year! A team of around a dozen editors is responsible for realizing this possibly record-breaking figure. As project managers, they accompany their title from the initial idea, through the concept, the search for an author, editing and design implementation (typesetting, photography, illustration), to the printable data. Last but not least, their tasks include the writing of marketing texts. There are also selected specialists in our editorial team for the main subjects that form the central part of our range: cooking & baking, craft, puzzles and cartography. So we are always at the forefront of trends and can guarantee high quality in the content and appearance of our works.

Our editorial team for children’s books

A book about tractors aimed at four-year-olds? 365 illustrated bedtime stories in one volume? Children’s songs? Fingerprint art? A world atlas or exercise book for primary-school classes? In the editorial department of Schwager & Steinlein, an editorial team – in collaboration with world-class authors, illustrators and graphic designers – is working on a broad range of high-quality children’s books for the European market. With our acute awareness of trends and topics, and with our expertise, commitment and deep sense of responsibility, we produce fun-filled educational books that can be reviewed by the toughest critics ... and survive the ordeal! And who might these critics be? The children, of course!

Our graphic design department

The visual side of the publishing group is managed by an in-house creative team that works closely with photographers and printers. Every year, our graphic designers think up, create and bring out annually up to 2,000 covers, packaging designs and book layouts – from in-house editions to exclusive, commissioned editions. In addition, some 4,000 foreign-language covers are adapted annually.

Our foreign desk

A book that will simultaneously appear in up to 25 languages? For our foreign desk, that’s all in a day’s work. Over the past ten years, nearly 25,000 foreign-language editions have been created for the publishers in our group, of which around 13,000 were first editions. A team of about a dozen editors is responsible for texts that need to be translated from German. They work with experienced translators, editors and typesetters resident in the respective countries. This is how we guarantee the high linguistic and technical quality of our publications.

Our online team

Our team is made up of online editors and IT experts with years of experience in the field of e-publishing. E-book and app specialists, computer scientists and XML workflow experts work together and provide the right mix of market knowledge and technical know-how, thus ensuring that we accurately assess and implement every step of any complex project. We aim to create successful solutions that take full advantage of electronic media.

Together with you and our large, internationally established editorial team, we are happy to seek solutions that are precisely tailored to your subject matters, target audience and workflow.

Our production and import department

Quality products are key to winning out against competition.
Our production department ensures perfect print quality, something we can also rely on from our production partners in 17 countries across the world. Our European collaborators are carefully selected to create the ultimate conditions for efficient communication and successful cooperation with our partners – wherever they may be.

Thanks to our modern project-management methods, we can meet, punctually and effectively, the requirements of our clients in terms of time, quality and cost effectiveness. A 16-member team works on every project, from initial idea to finished book.

Our highly efficient logistics centre in Hamburg ensures the smooth flow of imported goods. Our logistics partner picks up the goods direct from the docks and transports them by the shortest route to the customer. (This also helps protect the environment.) Continuous optimization throughout the process is paramount. Our publishing distribution hub and our own logistics centre are located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, too, constant improvement is the main priority.

As an interface between departments, we pay particular attention to the successful implementation of business processes.

A clear focus and well-defined tasks strengthen motivation and promote a keen sense of responsibility. Coping with problems, should they occur, does not require long decision-making processes. Here, quick action on behalf of our clients is what counts. We are highly organized on the inside, so we can be flexible and adaptable on the outside.

Our sales team

Our sales team is experienced, but has also kept up with the changing times. A competent team of office and field staff maintains close contact with its customers. Our sales staff often have years of experience in bookstores, publishing and the food trade, and are experienced wholesalers, logistics experts or buyers. We have a great understanding of the market and an excellent network of connections in the industry.

So we are always listening out for what is happening in the market. We take the requirements of our customers very seriously and respond flexibly. It is exciting to develop products and presentations in collaboration with you. This, in our view, is ‘customer focus’ in its best sense.